When buying in bulk, your price includes the animal, full processing, your choice of cuts, cooling, cutting, deboning, cubing, grinding, double wrapping of butcher paper, and freezing.

The options and customization are up to you. You determine the package counts, chop/steak thickness, and types of cuts. If that sounds overwhelming, don't worry... we will walk you through the selection process to make it simple. You'll feel confident about having a fully stocked freezer of quality, flavorful and delicious products.

Our lambs are either raised on our farm or sourced from local producers who share our beliefs in raising healthy, happy, and well-fed livestock. On average, lambs will be finished out to about 60 pounds of dressed weight (this is also known as the carcass or hanging weight). On a whole purchase, you will pay for the actual dressed weight. Your deposit paid online will be put towards the total price and the balance can be paid at pick up. The total price will be charged at $11.00/lb of dressed weight if wrapped in butcher paper, and $11.75 if vacuum packed.

Standard-cut will typically include:
  • Lamb Chops
  • Leg Roast
  • Ribs (whole, frenched or chopped)
  • Shoulder Roasts
  • Ground Lamb
  • Shanks
  • Stew Meat


Total Pounds of Packaged Lamb: 30-50 lbs

**This weight will vary based on the actual dressed weight of the animal**

***Please note, the price listed is the deposit only. The total price will be based on actual dressing weight and will be calculated at time of processing. The balance will be due at pick-up.***


Lamb, Whole- DEPOSIT

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