The craft of blending, mixing and flavoring is as unique as the individual creating it. For the first time ever, we are opening our butcher shop doors to teach and inspire those in love with sausage!

Each class will be limited in participants so that everyone gets a full, hands-on experience in the butcher shop. Guests will:

  • get a full site tour of our USDA Inspected butcher and processing facilities,
  • then dive into the history and traditions surrounding sausage,
  • become familiar with the tools and equipment used in sausage making,
  • learn the high-level view of regulatory, labeling, sanitation, inspection, etc.
  • work through the meat prep process with their own hands,
  • learn about seasonings, blends, ratios and mixing flavors,
  • pick their own blends of seasoning to make,
  • take a new meat grinder with you to replicate your work at home,
  • bring home 6 pounds of your specialty blended sausage (in as many as 3 different flavors) to enjoy! ($36 worth of sausage to take with you).

Join us for this unique experience! This makes for a perfect date, birthday gift, holiday experience gift, family bonding time, corporate team event, bachelor party activity, customer gift, etc.

Our master sausage creators will be teaching this unique class so don't delay. Register today for an experience unlike any other in the south.

The next class will be scheduled and announced soon.

Price is for 2 guests, to share a station and together, take home 12 pounds of sausage.

Following your purchase, we will email you more details about your experience that awaits you! But for now, go ahead and make your purchase online to reserve your seat and we will be in touch in the next few hours!

MasterClass: Sausage

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